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Shiba Smart Chain

Shiba Smart Chain is a new EVM blockchain based on Polygon. SSC is fast, cheap, and eco-friendly. Moreover, the Shiba community is very welcoming to new users and developers. If you hold SHIB or FTT, join our airdrop now!


Fast Transactions

Transactions on the Shiba Smart Chain are much faster than on Ethereum.

Cheap Transactions

Transaction costs are free and get paid in the native currency $SSC.

Community Only

There are no middlemen or counterparties. SCC is a purely community-driven project. No VCs, no insider dumping.

Green and Friendly

The consensus algorithm of SSC is Proof-of-Stake (POS). That means that no miners are polluting the environment.


Become a part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem and claim your $SSC airdrop

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If you are a holder of SHIB or FTT, you are eligible to claim your airdrop. Also, if you sacrificed for Pulsechain or PulseX, you are eligible to claim your $SSC airdrop.

Hold SHIB in your wallet, or

Hold FTT in your wallet, or

You sacrificed for Pulsechain or PulseX.

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